Watershape Consulting Inc.
Planning, design, and engineering for pools, spas, and water features.


Watershape Consulting Inc. is a planning, design, and engineering firm providing owners, architects, contractors, and the legal profession with services relating to residential, commercial, and institutional pools, spas, and water features.

Services Overview

  • Planning, concepts, and code compliance
  • Design, 3D visualization, and details
  • Engineering, analysis, and problem solving
  • Construction documents, reports, and permit packages
  • Construction administration and structural observations

wa  ter  shape

[wo ter shap]


  1.     A structure that uses water in an artistic way.
  2.     Water as art in the form of a pool, spa, fountain, natural stream, lake, etc.
    - wa ter shap er

  1.     One who designs watershapes, especially professionals educated in the related arts and sciences.
    - wa ter shap ing
  1.     The act or practice of watershape design.