Watershape Consulting Inc.
Planning, design, and engineering for pools, spas, and water features.


We typically use one of the following types of contract documents for our design and engineering services:

AIA Contract Documents:

B101 Owner-Architect Agreement
C401 Architect-Consultant Agreement

EJCDC Contract Documents:

E-568 Agreement Between Engineer & Architect for Professional Services

Simplified Proposal/Agreement (SPA):

This is our own customized proposal and agreement used for small projects.


We maintain policies for the following types of insurance:

Professional Liability:

Errors and omissions for our design and engineering services.

Commercial General Liability:

Property and injury for our construction management services.

Medical, Dental, and Vision:

For our employees.

Worker's Compensation:

For our employees.

Commercial Auto:

For our vehicles.


For our office and equipment.


To extend other policies when their coverage might be exhausted.