Watershape Consulting Inc.
Planning, design, and engineering for pools, spas, and water features.

Planning, Concepts, and Code Compliance

Planning services include 3D visualization, code compliance, and value engineering including grading analysis, identification of efficient foundation system, and constructability considerations.

Conceptual design services consider the elements and principles of design to explore options for solving unique design challenges. This includes code compliance and space planning for appurtenances, aquatic feasibility studies, demographics and user group identification, aquatic programming and concepts, opinion of cost, and ancillary facility planning.

Design, 3D Visualization, and Details

The elements of design include line, shape, space, size, texture, hue, and value. The principles of design include balance, movement, repetition, contrast, variety, emphasis, and unity. We use the elements to establish desired principles that help every unique project become a success.

Various software tools are used to bring designs to life through a process called 3D Visualization. This could include simple perspective images of models, walk-through videos, or even three-dimensional virtual reality.

Ultimately, the project may require detailed construction documents that the general contractor, subcontractors, and suppliers can follow so that the design intent achieved in the actual build.

We specialize in vanishing edge and slot-edge pools, spas, and water features, original concepts, code compliance, design for safety, scale and shape, style and features, 3D modeling and rendering.

Engineering, Analysis, and Problem Solving

We are licensed engineers specializing in structural engineering, drawings, and details. We use sophisticated software tools for structural analysis including complex loading conditions such as geotechnical, seismic, hurricane, and floods.

Many of our repeat clients seek our assistance because of our excellent problem-solving skills. While some think of us as engineers-only, some architects and landscape architects have recognized our concern and desire for architectural excellence that only comes from creative solutions when pushing the envelope on design.

In addition to reinforced concrete vessels and retaining walls, pier and beam foundations, and ancillary structures, we are also experts in hydraulic, hydrology, water-in-transit, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering.

Construction Documents, Reports, and Permit Packages

Our construction documents are very detailed. This is a result of many years of experience and an extensive library of details that has resulted. We have also been challenged with overseas projects where we needed bullet-proof drawings to illustrate complicated projects to relatively less-skilled builders.

Reports include code and engineering analysis, expert opinions, and responses to RFIs, clarifications, value engineering, and other requests.

Almost all of our projects require some sort of plan check review by the local authorities having jurisdiction. We typically prepare our drawings considering that they will be reviewed for compliance with the local building standards and we often complete the permit submittal forms that accompany the drawings.

We use a combination of SketchUp, AutoCAD, and Revit to produce plans, sections, elevations, thorough details, and 3D mechanical design. Additionally, calculations and written specifications are produced and all documents are sealed and wet-signed by a licensed professional engineer.

Permit Processing

We coordinate permit applications and submittals for building, public works, health department, Division of State Architect, coastal and floodplain watershape developments and we handle plan check corrections and special inspections/structural observations as required.

Construction Administration and Structural Observations

Construction administration services include continuous support for the project throughout the construction and post-construction close-out phases. We respond to various communications from the team and support clarifications with updated drawing details as needed.

Sometimes remote communication just isn't enough. Site visits to review construction are frequently handled by our team to ensure that the client is getting the quality and safety that has been engineered into the project via the construction documents.

We also assist with bid review, value engineering, contract negotiations, shop drawing review, product submittals, substitutions, and construction observation with written reports.

Construction Management

In California we are licensed with the following classifications:

    License 840976

    A - General Engineering Contractor

    B - General Building Contractor

    C-53 - Swimming Pool Contractor

We also provide cost estimating services, critical path scheduling, resource, and subcontractor management in limited areas.


David's background in industrial design and patents of pool cleaners, pumps, chemical controllers, and wireless pool controllers has provided a unique expertise in general research and development, intellectual property, product development, utility patents, design patents, and infringement claims in addition to general consulting for watershape design and construction practices.

Expert Witness / Forensics

Our expertise is frequently called upon for problem identification, reverse engineering, root cause analysis, expert opinion reports, litigation, depositions, and trials. Areas of expertise include construction defect, personal injury, and patent infringement matters.

David has been deposed several times and has completed trials with administrative law judges and juries. His high-integrity, honesty, teaching experience, and ability to explain complex subjects to laymen makes him a valuable asset to any law team.