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Rose Lyda

Dear Dave,

After spending some time with you and your colleagues I just wanted to say thank you. Your passion and your perspective on the industry and educational delivery is inspiring. I am so grateful, in advance, for the contributions that you all have made: the difference we can make!

Thank you,Rose

Leanne Kreuzer and the SRD Staff

Dave and the Watershape staff,
Thank you all so very much for all your time and attention to our Strawberry Recreation aquatics facility. The beautiful design is enjoyed by all. The renovations have improved the water quality and allowed SRD to provide new services to the community.
Warmest Regards,
Leanne Kreuzer and the SRD staff

Brian Van Bower

Dave is at the top of his game in creating high-quality accurate plans for water vessels of all types. No one knows special application hydraulics better. We have worked with him on several of our projects and have been pleased with the quality and timeliness of his performance. I have also worked with him in the Genesis 3 Society of Watershape (SWD) educational program where he is one of our top instructors. I highly recommend David and his company, Watershape Consulting.

Dennis Loebs

One of the sharpest minds in the watershaping industry, Dave combines a deep knowledge of hydraulic engineering, progressive thinking, and years of practical experience to provide state-of-the-art design solutions for any watershaping application. Dave's approach is consistently thorough and conscientious, and his results always reflect great attention to detail. Top Qualities: Great results, Expert, On time

Brian Jergens

Dear Mr. Peterson,
Thank you so much for the generous donation to our pool. I am so appreciative! I cannot wait for it to be complete so I can do my aquatic therapy at home!
Thanks Again,
Brian Jergens & family

Skip Phillips

I have had the opportunity to work with Dave Peterson on a multitude of levels, including constructions, design, as a teacher, and most recently, as a student in his Hydraulics class. Dave is a very bright and gifted designer, and his skill set is essentially unique in our industry. An endorsement is only as good as its source, but I think I can safely say that Dave receiving my highest level of endorsement should hold a credible value. I would consider it a privilege to expand on Dave's qualifications.

Rick Chafey

I was lucky enough to be a student of David's in his Genesis 3 Advanced Hydraulics course. I spent 24 hours trying to absorb more information relating to swimming pool hydraulics and engineering than I have been able to dig up in over ten years of reading and studying almost every publication known to man. The information provided, software provided, and the manner in which it was presented made an extremely complex subject very enjoyable to wrap your mind around. Anyone looking to increase their knowledge of swimming pool design, or needing a firm to provide swimming pool design from simple to the most extreme and complex, look no further. Simply the best and most knowledgeable expert in his field. Top Qualities: Great results, Expert, High Integrity.

Carol Richter

Dave -- Started the job today. Cut back the roof overhang. Excavated stumps on Mon and the the drilling starts on Tues. So we are on a roll here. I wanted you to know that Mark Elliot [Elliot Drilling Services, Inc.] made a point of telling me how much he really liked your plans. He said that 'They are not what we're used to seeing' and he thought that the details were terrific. I am not certain I know what he meant about your plans being 'different' -- You may know but he didn't mean it as anything but a compliment. So kudos to you!!